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4 ways Marley Spoon transformed my work and personal life

You are what you eat! This has always been my believe but I never got the chance to implement this as I never got into a good routine. But last summer, I was determined to make some changes to my personal and work life. This meant that I had to start from the most basic change, eating healthy!

In my 30s I developed high blood pressure and had tons of allergies, this forced me to find good diet plan for a better health. I was told about Marley Spoon and their organic ingredients. Their devotion towards their customers to provide only organic products makes them one of the best in the industry and popular among health nuts.I got on board immediately, with a Marley Spoon discount code I found. This reduced my total amount on my order.

The transformation I witnessed

After going through the menu with a thin needle, I made my first order. All the ingredients were according to my liking. I picked different cuisines to keep things interesting.

1.    Healthy eating reduced my high BP

I have to give it to Marley Spoon for getting my blood pressure back down to a position where I didn’t need medicine anymore. My blood pressure was increasing due to salty fast food and instant ramen, I was obsessed you see. But now I was eating healthier options of both ramen and fast food.

Nothing was excessively seasoned and that made me more than happy.

2.    I have fewer headache

Food allergies and tolerance is a real thing and unfortunately many ignore it. I would too because I never had any other option, but when I ordered my meals from Marley Spoon, I made sure to get all gluten and dairy free ingredients. This reduced bloating, food poisoning and most importantly headaches.

These head clusters would come in every time I ate something I wasn’t supposed to, they lasted for days. With Marley Spoon all the issues resolved immediately.

3.    I felt energized and enthusiastic

When you have food that gives you pleasure for a small amount of time, you will notice that your body is not happy with you. On a healthier diet I sensed that my body was resting well and was energized for the next day every time.

Marley Spoon would make me feel happy every morning to cook a delicious meal that revitalized my organs. Fatigue and tiredness were a thing of the past.

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4.    I spend less on grocery

A big personal and work like change that happened to me was that I spend less on my lunch. I would pack a lunch from home that was a homemade Marley Spoon meal. My monthly budget had a huge drop; I would know exactly how much I was spending on every meal and made me grateful for the food.

After I came across Marley Spoon, my health and lifestyle has changed completely. From less spending to a healthier gut, everything was a plus point from the first day. Use Marley Spoon coupon code to reduced your bill too.