Juvederm is the skin miracle I was looking for

As I entered my 40s, I was in the search for the best aging cream. From drugstore to high-end I searched everywhere and tried every treatment. But I was still noticing some fine lines across my wide forehead and smile lines on my cheeks. This was a disaster for me, as I work in front of cameras and lights that catch on the slightest freckle and wrinkle.

Every day I am exposed to bright studio lights that tan my skin and increase my aging spots. As a newscaster, I am supposed to look naturally fresh and revitalized. Long hours and work stress takes a toll on everybody’s skin and the only quick fix I could find were facials. They worked for some time but later it got to a point that I had to consider dermal filler.

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Dermal filler was never something I thought I would use for a fresher youthful skin. I always had this misconception that fillers ruin the natural structure of your face. Then I read the reviews for Juvederm and was astonished with the provided results. I knew I had to buy Juvederm for a better looking and feeling skin and I was not disappointed.

Reasons Juvederm won my heart

The brand itself has great integrity and does justice to its customers by providing high quality products. These are tested before being presented in the market. The line is famous for hydration and face lift products, here are some reasons I support Juvederm.

1.   No blotched job:

When you think about dermal filler, you cant help think about those images on the internet. Those poor men and women with low quality dermal fillers under their skin. Fortunately, Juvederm provided me with incredible dermal fillers that never blotched on me.

2.   Customized fillers:

I got all sorts of fillers to various target areas the company have customized fillers for each problem:

Smile wrinkles

The first type of wrinkles us women start to notice are the smile line or wrinkles that occur in our 30s, especially when makeup and skincare starts to settle in those crevices. Juverderm Ultra Smile will assist you reducing your smile wrinkles.

Face lift

Who doesn’t love a good face lift? I noticed that with time the collagen of my skin was getting weak, and without it, my skin started to sag. With a healthy diet and an occasional facelift I could maintain the natural contour of my face.


Who says you can’t get hydration along with a face lift? A boost of Juvederm Hydrate 1ml with Hyaluronic acid has hydrated my skin cells from within.

Under eye bags

One of the best about Juvederm dermal filler line is that you get everything in one place. You can get rid of under eye bags in just couple of sittings. Filling the deep set under eye bags will enhance your natural features.

3.   Results last up to 12 months

What I loved about the Juvederm dermal fillers was that the results lasted for about 12 months. You have to take few sittings for a procedure but the results last for a longer time.